Entrepreneur with Smart

Date: 2014.11.07 – 2014.11.17

Location: Sarud, Hungary

Grant: 16380 Euro by European Comission – ErasmusPlus KA01

Applicant: Terragora Vidékfejlesztési Közösség


The youth exchange was aims to provide participants are able to both the individual and community level to implement entrepreneurial ideas and their ability to communicate in connection with the for-profit and non-profit businesses. The corporate policy is a high priority of the European Union 2020.
Is now available in the field of business and social organizations have many skills, but most young people do not feel ownership of these resources. During the exchanges we can bring knowledge to those in the age group closer.
Among the Hungarian participants are a person who has been involved in some kind of entrepreneurial initiative.
The exchange takes place Sarud settlement involving 42 young people, volunteers of Hungarian, Czech and Slovak organizations. The realization of exchange between 7 to 17 Nov 2014. The main steps of the implementation process of the preparation and actual implementation through day 10, and then the evaluation and reporting stage. Between 20 to 22 February 2015 in Eger, where the achievements and shared our experiences with each other.
Results suggest that many young people developed a sense of initiative.
Short impact of the project is to come up with a common set of ideas, which can be utilized in the future.
The long-term impact that a partnership has been established between the young people, which is common networking and commerce can exploit in the future.